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## The Funniest Moments and Behind-the-Scenes Antics: A Special Episode Recap

Hey everyone! We’re thrilled to share a special episode of our podcast that’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. This time, we’ve compiled the funniest, most ridiculous behind-the-scenes moments featuring Shea and Jody at their champagne-fueled best! 🥂🤣

### Episode Highlights

In this episode, you’ll hear:

- What Shea is thinking about

- Jody’s mic test

- All of our dumb jokes

Each moment is a testament to the unfiltered, outrageous fun that happens when the mics are hot and the champagne is flowing. It’s a side of Shea and Jody you won’t want to miss!

### Exclusive Content on Patreon

Love this kind of content? There’s more waiting for you on our Patreon. Join us for exclusive behind-the-scenes access, bonus episodes, early access, and special perks. Your support helps us keep the laughs coming!

Cheers to a good time, and happy listening! 🥳💬 #PodcastFunniestMoments #BehindTheScenes #ChampagneFueledFun

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