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From Salem to Victoria: The Evolution of a Satanic Panic

Throughout history there have always been periods of fear and hysteria of one sort or another. But the thread that has always intrigued me, and has direct ties to current and ancient events, is the Satanic Panic. This phenomenon can be traced back to the middle ages, a period marked by religious fervor and superstition.

On this episode, we continue a conversation started over at Effed Up History, where Krystina tells us about the origins of the Satan myth, and how he evolved into the character we are familiar with today, and gets into the witch trials of the 16th century.

On Part 2, we talk about the origins of the Satanic Panic of the 1980's, it's tie in to the Pacific Northwest, how it lead to a wave of mass child abuse accusations including a massive case in Wenatchee, Washington, and how this is all being played out again today with the QAnon believers.

So as Krystina says "Sit back, relax, and practice your 'oh good God what the F*(%' faces"!

This is an excellent video about the Satanic Panic and the anti-Semitic throughline. Thought provoking and funny. Definitely worth a watch!

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